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I.D. Numbers
The VIN is located on a stainless steel plate welded to the right side hinge pillar cross-brace beneath the glove box. The numbers for 1963 Corvette¡¯s were:

1963 convertibleConvertibles: 30867S100001 to 30867S121513
Coupes: 30837S100001 to 30837S121513

The first symbol indicated the model year, hence ¡°3¡± for 1963. The second and third symbols identify the body series (08= Corvette). The fourth and fifth symbols indicate the body style (67 = convertible, while 37 = split window coupe. The sixth symbol recognizes the assembly plant (S= St. Louis, Mo). Finally, the last six symbols for the 1963 vette represent the actual number of the vehicle.

Engine codes are as follows for 1963:
RC = 327 cubic inches with 250 horsepower
RD = 327 cubic inches with 300 horsepower
RE = 327 cubic inches with 340 horsepower
RF = 327 cubic inches with 360 horsepower
SC = 327 cubic inches with 250 horsepower
SD = 327 cubic inches with 300 horsepower

There were basically three transmissions for this year and are as follows:
Standard Manual Transmission ¨C three speed with floor mounted gear shifter
Automatic Transmission ¨C two speed powerglide automatic transmission with floor mounted transmission was optional
Optional Manual Transmission ¨C A four speed manual all-synchromesh transmission with floor mounted gear shifter was optional again for the 1963 Corvette.

Chassis Features
Wheelbase 98 inches, overall length 175.2 inches (coupe 175.2), overall height for the Corvette (coupe) 49.8 inches, overall width 69.6 inches. Ground clearance, five inches. Tires, 6.70 x 15.

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